Product Catalog: Steelcase Inc.
Love how you work.® For 100 years, Steelcase has been bringing human insight to business by studying how people work, wherever they work. Those insights can help organizations achieve a higher level of performance, by creating places that unlock the promise of their people.
Architectural Solutions
Architectural Solutions integrate architecture, furniture and technology with an innovative construction process to create a better building and a more effective workplace.
Education Solutions
Amidst all the changes in education, both educators and designers of learning spaces are rethinking classrooms, libraries, hallways, common areas and other in between spaces
Integrated Technologies
Augmenting the collaboration experience.
Providing effective, efficient workplace lighting is a continual challenge. We can help.
People remember what they see. Whiteboards let you put your thoughts where others can see them.
Open-Plan Workstations
Open-plan workstations designed to support people and the businesses they work for.
Privacy Screens
Privacy screens can help users shift from collaborative work to focused, heads-down work.
Private Office Furniture
Steelcase and outside experts conducted countless hours of research and user-observation to learn more about the changing work landscape within the private office.
Hundreds of seating answers that began with thousands of questions.
A box is a box is a box.
Tables and Conferencing
From training and conference rooms to your own personal workspace.
Wood Solutions
Flexibility to fit how and where you work - for the open plan and private office.
Worktools and Accessories
High-performance dry erase board, and a magnetic surface into a single solution.